Wednesday, June 22, 2011

day twenty-two

hello again.  it's been awhile since i was able to write.  life is so busy right now with school, work, keeping up the house, and three boys home from school.  my thoughts of writing to you only happen at night when i'm trying to close my eyes and sleep but my mind won't stop going.  but you are in my thoughts all day long and it seems to be paying off.  at last week's weigh-in i had lost five pounds.  as of this morning i am down another seven!

maybe it's the summer heat but my appetite has pretty much gone away and i'm not complaining.  when i am hungry i'm enjoying lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  i'm trying hard to stay away from all the fried goodies.  but with picnic and grilling season in full swing it's hard to say no to a good burger from the grill. 

as for my exercise program, well there isn't one.  i'm working hard to get into a daily routine that meets all my needs.  i am in a serious nesting mode right now so i'm still very active around the house.  i think i'll have to dig out my pedometer to find out exactly how many steps i'm taking everyday, including all those up the ladder to finish my painting project.

i know these numbers aren't always going to be this way.  there will be weeks when it's only one or two pounds and other weeks there will be none.  but i'm determined to see you next year.  i'm already picking out what dress and shoes to wear to greet you.  maybe the cute black and red polka dot heels with the little bow.  i'm sure i won't mind stepping on the scale fully clothed to see you.  until then, it's first thing in the a.m. just after using the potty, naked. hey, i need every ounce off me i can get right now :)

till next time,

a 17 lbs lighter me

Friday, June 10, 2011

day ten

i have forgotten about you already.  on the contrary, i have been thinking about you more and more.  i just had my first little trip out of the house for a couple of days and i'm pretty proud of myself.  i did not go junk food crazy and still drank a good amount of water.

so our first week ended a few days ago and i'm one week closer to seeing you.  i'm also 5 pounds lighter!  YAY!!!!  i know that amount is only so high because it's the first week but i totally plan on adding to that amount quickly.  for once i can't wait for the pounds to add up, as long as they are the pounds lost that is.

closer to you already,
fat me

Saturday, June 4, 2011

day four

i've been thinking about you all day everyday.  i'm dreaming of when i will finally get to see you again.  it's been 12 years since i've been with you and i miss you dearly.  seeing that i'm very anxious to get back to you and i'm not very patient, i've decided i need to make a plan and some clearly defined goals so that we can be together again as soon as possible.

these first few days i have started by keeping track of everything i eat, when i'm hungry (or think i am), and what food i think about eating.  i've also started drinking lots of water again, something i had surprisingly missed.  also, i'm making sure to get in at least some sort of active movement everyday.  this week that's been helped by the step ladder and a paint roller.  home painting to music, i think i've found a new workout fad!

until next time,
fat me

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

day one

i woke today thinking about being fat, again.  yes i know, i think that everyday, all day long.  but you know i just can't seem to stick with anything let alone a diet or exercising.  i was thinking about starting a blog where i would have to publicly acknowledge my weakness and the horrible fact of being fat (not that it isn't visible to everyone).  as i was reading through my morning blogs i saw sarah at la masion boheme was starting a new blog to document her own weight loss.  what more of a kick in the pants do i need to get started myself.  i'm going to link up with sarah for some more public humiliation accountability and finally get started. 

my goal is to lose 80-90 pounds by june 1st of next year.  i would really like to accomplish that a lot sooner, but hey i've waited almost 10 years to start (not counting pregnancy time) so why rush things now.  i've thought about posting a "before" picture of myself, although i'm not quite sure i'm up for that just yet.  maybe once i'm down a few then i'll start documenting on here. 

well that's it for now.  good luck to you (and me)!

fat me