Wednesday, June 1, 2011

day one

i woke today thinking about being fat, again.  yes i know, i think that everyday, all day long.  but you know i just can't seem to stick with anything let alone a diet or exercising.  i was thinking about starting a blog where i would have to publicly acknowledge my weakness and the horrible fact of being fat (not that it isn't visible to everyone).  as i was reading through my morning blogs i saw sarah at la masion boheme was starting a new blog to document her own weight loss.  what more of a kick in the pants do i need to get started myself.  i'm going to link up with sarah for some more public humiliation accountability and finally get started. 

my goal is to lose 80-90 pounds by june 1st of next year.  i would really like to accomplish that a lot sooner, but hey i've waited almost 10 years to start (not counting pregnancy time) so why rush things now.  i've thought about posting a "before" picture of myself, although i'm not quite sure i'm up for that just yet.  maybe once i'm down a few then i'll start documenting on here. 

well that's it for now.  good luck to you (and me)!

fat me

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  1. Awesome! I'm so pleased to have you along on this scary but exciting journey. WE can do it!