Wednesday, June 22, 2011

day twenty-two

hello again.  it's been awhile since i was able to write.  life is so busy right now with school, work, keeping up the house, and three boys home from school.  my thoughts of writing to you only happen at night when i'm trying to close my eyes and sleep but my mind won't stop going.  but you are in my thoughts all day long and it seems to be paying off.  at last week's weigh-in i had lost five pounds.  as of this morning i am down another seven!

maybe it's the summer heat but my appetite has pretty much gone away and i'm not complaining.  when i am hungry i'm enjoying lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  i'm trying hard to stay away from all the fried goodies.  but with picnic and grilling season in full swing it's hard to say no to a good burger from the grill. 

as for my exercise program, well there isn't one.  i'm working hard to get into a daily routine that meets all my needs.  i am in a serious nesting mode right now so i'm still very active around the house.  i think i'll have to dig out my pedometer to find out exactly how many steps i'm taking everyday, including all those up the ladder to finish my painting project.

i know these numbers aren't always going to be this way.  there will be weeks when it's only one or two pounds and other weeks there will be none.  but i'm determined to see you next year.  i'm already picking out what dress and shoes to wear to greet you.  maybe the cute black and red polka dot heels with the little bow.  i'm sure i won't mind stepping on the scale fully clothed to see you.  until then, it's first thing in the a.m. just after using the potty, naked. hey, i need every ounce off me i can get right now :)

till next time,

a 17 lbs lighter me


  1. 17 pounds... amazing! We'll have to go shopping together this time next year! I say YES to the red polka dot heels.

  2. ... hey sister. How are you doing? Long time no post.